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Dr Sonia S.B.Jaffar ND is the founder of S.B.J.Management Consulting in Health , Paris, London & Dubai; in International Management & Business Development, raising your company up to where it should be in your market and beyond your goals.

Prior to founding S.B.J. Management Consulting, Sonia S.B.Jaffar was the founder and C.E.O. of ALPHA OMEGA Beauty in Dubai where she developed a portfolio of french luxury niche market brands all over the M.E.A. that are today key actors in their market.

Before that Sonia S.B.Jaffar was the co-founder of I.Net in Los Angeles that is now a leader in California for private and Businesses Telecommunications.

Avant-gardiste & visionary, Sonia S.B.Jaffar always excelles in finding or developping the right service/product in the perfect timing in its market, making Business successes with all her projects.

During her 15 years of experience, Sonia S.B.Jaffar held the positions of Founder, C.E.O., Executive Director and Manager in different markets such as Luxury products and Telecom.
She confirmed her skills of executive management, team leadership, business development and strategy planning. She always excelles in business strategy & development at a worldwide level ,(Paris, Los Angeles, London, Geneva, Algiers, Madina, Jeddah, Dubai, Kuwait city, Doha, Bahreïn, Kuala Lumpur...) and within a high end & exclusive clientèle (royalties, gouvernements and top 100 companies).

Sonia S.B.Jaffar has a Management Consultant licence, an M.B.A in Business Administration & Management specialised in Luxury Market with Special Honors, a Master Degree in European Business Management done in Madrid and London, a Bachelor Degree with Honors in 4 languages. Moreover she is fluent in French, English, Spanish, German and has a good knowledge of Arabic.

Last but not least Sonia S.B.Jaffar has a certified I.Q. of 154 that will definetly put a genius touch in all your projects.

Expérience professionnelle

C.e.o. & founder

S.B.J. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING , Paris / dubai / london

De Janvier 2013 à Aujourd'hui

- Management Consultancy
- Organic & Green projects development
- Worldwide level
- Top 100 companies

Parcours officiels

SUP DE LUXE – MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management – 1995


Anglais - Langue maternelle

Arabe - Langue maternelle

Espagnol - Courant

Allemand - Courant

Français - Langue maternelle


Management International
Business Development

Centres d'intérêt

  • Healthy & green living advocate vegan cooking
  • Sailing horse riding & skiing
  • Sailing Yachting Certified Licence From Marina Del Rey Yachting Club California U.S.A
  • Horse Riding in Centre Équestre de Paris Touring Club Paris France
  • Skiing in Oberalppass Sedrun Switzerland